Junction Box (JB) Replacement
on PTF

About JB Replacement on PTF

For a long period of experience in Oil & Gas fields and after various platforms inspections, we decided to focus on Junction Boxes solution.

Our mother Co. PCS ITALIANA has designed and developed a permanent solution in manufacturing a new concept of Junction Box that named as “PCS – Assemblable JB” for a new approach to the maintenance of the platform’s Junction Boxes considering the following problems:

  • Several JB, originally ATEX certified, cannot be considered valid due to aging, external deformations, water and humidity penetration, etc. with very dangerous consequences for safety
  • A consequent revamping or restoring intervention is often very difficult and expensive due to non availability of required cable length for new rerouting.

“PCS – Assemblable JB”, has obtained the ATEX certification and the IP66, IP67 and IP68 rating, successfully passing the ageing cycle and IP tests.

This certification allows us to maintain all the existing cable terminations (if not compromised yet) with no need for any disconnection and cable rerouting, which results in a drastic cut in costs. For this reason:

  • No subsea cable pull-in.
  • No need for DP2 Vessels equipped with ROV and diving.
  • An easier assembly of the multi-component junction box in the platform’s environment.

If you have any problems on old, damaged, deteriorated or disqualified Junction Boxes that are already installed, we can replace them with “PCS – Assemblable JB” ATEX certified IP66, IP67 and IP68.

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