Test & On-line Monitoring

About Test & On-line Monitoring

PCS CABLES can provide complete testing solutions and equipment that are able to fulfil of any standard request for Medium Voltage and different system requirements..


This integrated Monitoring System can be used on critical or strategic cables to verify the system’s health conditions along with its entire length in any moment with cable in working conditions or during scheduled maintenance shutdown periods.

Thanks to the implementation of new technologies and our know-how, we can now offer a specific service that has been used to monitor and evaluate “on-line” any composite cable minimizing of any eventual shutdowns on strategic platforms.

With this new service , we can record in advance the system’s health status for composite cables (in working condition) by means of the existing fiber elements, by scheduling such control after defined time (i.e. months or years) it will be possible to verify and assess any cable deterioration and anticipate any system failures.


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